August 25, 2004


[This article is a stub. It will be expanded over the coming weeks!]
Here is my list of the Neuro journals that I access regularly. Because not everyone has free access to these resources though college accounts, I will list the free-access journals first, then the paid-for journals. I will update this list slowly but surely... If you particularly like any other relevant journals, please tell me.

Free-access journals

Journal of Neuroscience / full text from May 1996 onwards / some free resources Entrez PubMed / includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. If love is a website, this is it. Man, I am a geek.

Paid-for journals

Nature Neuroscience This is a very limited list of the journals that are out there. If you want a thorough, searchable database, is your best bet.

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