August 30, 2004

Recommended books

Here are a few Neuro-related books that I have found useful and/or interesting. I try to have read, or at least used a book before posting it. If you buy from Amazon UK via the link from here then I get a small cut which will help me through college! I own most of these books so if you want to ask me something more specific then go ahead.

Core Textbooks (average weight > 2kg)

Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind How does Gazzaniga find the time to write and edit so many books? Maybe he'll publish it in a paper one day. This text is concise and written in a very accessible style, and features many clinical case studies which are invaluable in aiding understanding. A recommended overview of the subject. coverPrinciples of Neural Science My most-used textbook. Is due for a new-edition, so misses some recent developments, but covers core topics step-by-step, and at the same time without patronising the reader.


IQ and Human Intelligence A thorough and entertaining review of this frequently controversial topic. The book is openly opinionated, but will cover opposing theories in-depth before trashing their arguments.

Popular Science

The Emerging Mind The transcripts of an excellent set of lectures V.S. Ramachandran delivered for the BBC in 2003. Covers a wide variety of clinical and research topics in an accessible and entertaining style. Wow, I sound like the back of a book.
See the BMJ review .
Download the full lectures on MP3 here .
Will be updating this list as I get more books!

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