December 24, 2004

The fate of an ectodermal cell

What I learned this evening:

Is the default fate of an ectodermal cell to become a neuroepithelial cell? It seems to be, since neuroepithelial cells form when ectodermal cells avoid a variety of signals that induce non-neural fates, such as the bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs). Interesting. Have a look. And no, I didn't put that picture there for a specific reason except that I liked it.

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Poor, poor ectodermal cell.

You are my future pain receptor.

I close my hand in my car's door in your honor.

Posted by: Blogger Wyatt Junker at 10:49 pm


Haha! That's deep. I cut my hand on a Diet Coke ringpull earlier, I think there was some kind of sympathy harming at work.

Posted by: Blogger basil at 11:36 pm


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